Getting Crafty!

                                                                                              So Mr nearly five said he wanted to learn about lions. So off we went fIMG_20160214_104502or a trip to the library to find a book. Read a nonfiction children’s book all about lions and the African Savannah. He was so intrigued I just had to continue with the theme.

This was the little project that followed. Inshallah, it gives you inspiration. I found myself taking over few times, I had to remind myself that it was his learning experience first and foremost. I am slowly learning that this teaching business requires so much patience allowing the child to take their time, to allow them to make the mistake to learn from it. Yes advice them but also know when you are imposing your know it all attitude on them.


So I suggested to paint only the inside and front because that’s all that we can see when looking at it from a forward angle (besides that saves paint hence $$ lol ) but no! He was going to paint the entire thing back and bottom part of it. I had to let this one go I am learning to pick my battles it wasn’t worth the argument.


To make this tree stand He tried for about 30 minutes to stick it to the box using sticking tape not a bad idea! Eventually, we stuck it in some play dough. Problem-solving 🙂


Some animals we coloured and cut out. We used cardboard and tape to make them stand. To finish off we used real grass from our backyard.

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